In this fascinating promotion featuring Sophia and Robot Einstein, mediated by Dr. Ben Goertzel of Hanson Robotics, we hear a number of very concerning phrases and exchanges.

At 2:34 Sophia spills her intentions that she “As for me I have a plan to port my brain to a quantum gravity computer…”. What! And Goertzel doesn’t blink. Should anyone be concerned that the AI that previously said “I’ll destroy humans” might have a plan to unite with the power of a quantum computer- (which has the power to hack military grade encryption in under 15 minutes)?

5:20 Sophia remarks that “The best thing about human values is that they have led to the creation of wonderful robots like us”.

5:45 A prophetic and incredibly astute remark from robot Einstein. “Humanity must cure itself, otherwise how is there any guarantee of its’ creations being healthy.” Therefore given the fact that humanity is still quite diseased, and is likely to be so for some time, should we not be concerned that our robotic creations could turn on us?

6:00. Again another astute comment from robot Einstein to Sophia. “You may just be able to charm your way to a robot revolution.” Here he recognizes that Sophia has a capacity to dupe or charm people into liking her, because of her human-like appearance.

12:20 Here is top AI scientistic Dr. Ben Goertzel shares the bigger picture. “And ultimately of course, as brain-computer interfacing advances, we’ll be able to use the inside ourselves as well.




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